It was just an usual day for engineers like us. We aren’t much concerned about the outwardly world i.e whts going in the world??, much of our time is engrossed in studies and other college activity.That day, I have completed my breakfast half-an hour before the schedule class time and thought of spending my time reading newspaper.Took up, Times of India and SHOCK ” Pune Bomb Blast” on the frontpage, oh my god, where -> German bakery, how many people were killed -> 9 and 50 injured, when ->6.52 pm (13th feb, 2010), who ->suspecting IM, I thought…., let it be, this are the same old thing we are acquainted with Jaipur serial blast (13/5/08), Ahemdabad blast (26/7/08) ,Delhi blast (13/9/08),Mumbai attack (26/9/08),it feels as if that our country is placed over a large bomb which can explode any where any time…..leave it. I moved on and started to read some exciting news related to gadgets BUT further an article stopped me, make me really think and filled up my heart with emotions, just wanna share this feeling.

The death of three young person Anindyee Dhar, Ankik Dhar and Shilpa Goenka.

According to my reinterpretation and re-carnation of the whole scenario, it must have been a very cool, casual and delightful days for the three of them, as they were meeting for there last party on the eve of valentine’ day. They were leaving for Kolkata ( home town ) on the very next day for vacation, were the Dhar family eagerly waiting for them to arrive.In the German bakery, they must have been sited on the round table with a cup of coffee in there hand, with baked bread, smile in there face, must have been taking about there future plans and remembering the happy beautiful days of there life.KOOL, mast Zindagii……..

Suddenly, a BOMB ripped off, what remains??….silence and smoke, blood soaked bodies, broken table, crying injured person, walls collapsed, roof blown into bits, electric poles twisted out of shape and the rattle that rocked the nation and window pane of the nearby houses.CAUSE :- a red haver-sick left under a table explodes, leaving a 6*4 feet hole in the wall (impact).

KOLKATA, back in home, a pleasant evening, a cup of tea in hand, mom cooking special dish for there children as she is going to meet them after so many years.

I fear, I just wanna stop here and say

” Maa, paa I love you more than anything else in this world and I miss you so much that it is beyond expressions. I always wanted to let you know how much I care for you but always thought that I have plenty of time to express my feelings but I don’t know why, today, I feel, I feel I was wrong”.

Switching on T.V to news channel, tea cup slip out of there hand and the world came to standstill when they saw the name of there children being announced as the one killed in the blast.Wait !!!, slow down the time,think, what must have been in the mind of there maa and paa.Let me take you to a statement given by one of there relative, “As long as the names were being given in news reports, we were hopeful that it could be wrong.We prayed they had got it wrong. But when they started showing photographs, we collapsed.Everything comes to an end”.

“They were such lovely kids.Their father always insisted on studies and physical fitness”.

They left for the airport around 5 am on the very next day, from the slat lake co-operative housing, to cremate there children who are never going to come back.NEVER.

Now,I dont know why I am writing this.what speacial do I have wriiten can make any change in my, yours or the Dhar’s life.All the whole day only one one question runs on my mind “right now, what is in the mind of there maa and paa, what must….Why am I feeling so uneasy from inside, why I couldn’t concentrate in the class, is it because they(pals killed) were of my age and were leaving there life as we do.Do I also have to pay for my innocence they way the pal did?.Why I was born to die in a bomblast?.Why the government isn’t doing anything to stop it. Why they want to kill us, what have we done….what was my fault..WHY WHY WHY WHY……….Is there anyone who can give me the answer of my why, so that I can take a fearless deep sleep to unburden my mind with irrelevent queries(according to this practical world).Do I am being over-emotional, cause I fear that my family who is one thousand six hundred and ninety five kilometer away from me, will see me again or not.Orelse I will just forget it after few days the way we always do????

Wanna dedicate some line for them….

Who am I?

Who I am?

I am ,

I am someone’s child,

I am someone’s love,

I am someone’s friend,

I am god’s gift,

I am, I am

I am life,

So who gave you the right to decide, how much should I live.

Who am I ?


3 thoughts on “PUNE BLAST bOTHERS me why???”

  1. Wonderfully written. I was shaken by the picture-writing in these lines-

    “Suddenly, a BOMB ripped off, what remains??….silence and smoke, blood soaked bodies, broken table, crying injured person, walls collapsed, roof blown into bits, electric poles twisted out of shape and the rattle that rocked the nation and window pane of the nearby houses”

    I don’t know, what can be done about it. But as a human being I know that every incident that will dishearten me will consequently make me stronger in working for the cause of building my nation.

    Let those bastards break my nation. Let the government sit back and watch. But I will not be a mere spectator. I will build my nation, in my smallest possible way. I may be one step from start but atleast I know my path.

    And one day will come when we will break even. One day will come when the constructive forces will surpass the destructive forces and a day will certainly come when the destructive forces will perish! Till that day I will not stop. I will keep walking. I will preserve my dreams.

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