the SCRIPT ;- “Why? fall down of US economy??”

Background Abstract :-

An Indian layman want to US to know what was the real reason behind the sudden fall of US economy, cause he couldn’t understand the whole ” bankrupt of financial institution due to excessive debt”.After staying there for almost 1 week he couldn’t make out. Being frustrated, he thought of visiting his american friend John and spend some time with him.

Character :-

1. Rahul ( the Indian )

2.  John (American)

location :- John’s apartment

Time :– Morning 6 ‘o’ clock

THE  Story begins……………..

Alarm rang. John waked up and close the alarm.

Rahul :- (sobbing his eyes ) Good morning, (silence), hay whats in your hand?

John :- My alarm clock.

Rahul :- looks cool!

John:- Should be, I bought it from japan, good na! (silence), lets have some coffee.

John gets into the kitchen and came out with a coffee pot.

Rahul :- WOW! thats looks a classic piece of architect.

John :- Yeah! its Chinese made, help keeps the heat intact.

Rahul :- hmm………

John :- Take your bath and yeah dont forget to shave your face with my all new Hong-Kong made simulation razor.

Rahul :- (thinking) Hong Kong made yup!

Then they readied themselves for breakfast.

Rahul coming out of the guest room, looking at john.

Rahul :- What a shirt man? you look smart.

John :- Really, it cost me alomost 1500 bucks. I bought it from Sri Lanka and what about my designer jeans and tennis shoes.

Rahul :- (looking) Thats a fine art.

John :- It should be, I bought my jeans from singapore and shoes from Korea.

Rahul :- Woo!

John :– let me prepare breakfast for you.

Rahul :– Can I help you?

John:- Na, I have the Indian electric skillet with me, the one that you gifted me, it will do the job.

After taking the breakfast, john sat down with his calculator.

Rahul :- what your doing?

John :- Just checking out on this Mexican calculator, how much can I spend today.

Rahul :- Hmmm…. quite impressive.

John :- Do you like my watch?

Rahul :-Yeah! but it looks non-american.

John :- Of course dude, my Taiwan’s friend gifted me.

After completing their stuff, they came out of the house and john bought his car.

Rahul :- Hey man, its Romonovaskii -8T, its German dude.

John :- Your absolutely right and I have a radio in built in it directly from India.

John drove the car to the nearest gas station.

John:- I like this gas man, Its directly imported from Saudi Arabia, totally pure dude.

And then John started his search for a good paying American job. At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day.

At Home,

Rahul :- Hello, you’re back.

John :- (sitting on the sofa) Another useless day, no good paying job, let me check out my mails, if I could find something. where is my Malaysian lappy..( taking out from his bag), i got it.


John :- Nothing (relax) Lets have some genuine French wine. Before that, let me change my clothes.

Rahul sitting on the sofa, alone, thinking.

John :- ( Shouting, from his room) Rahul!

Rahul :- Yes.

John :- Have you seen my Brazilian sandal.

Rahul :- What Brazilian, it must be below your bed.

John :- (shouting) Yeah, I found it.

John came out with two glass of wine.

John :- (sitting on the sofa) Lets watch T.V.

Rahul :- Yeah, but dont say that it is also imported.

John :- Yeah, from Indonesia.

Rahul :- (shocking look) Do you have anything named “America”.

John :- Yeah…..ummm…mm….mmmmm…there must be.

Rahul :- ( with excitement) now, i came to know why US economy collapsed.

John :- Why?……….Hai thats not what your thinking.

Rahul :- Then what?

John :- I am quite hopeful from my new presiodent who can certainly get us out of this crisis and revive the economy.

Rahul :- Really, your expecting help from a president who is made in “Kenya”.

John shocked and speechless



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