>>> BLACK FRIDAY <<< – an APPEAL & The VOICE !!!

I am not writing here to give you a recap of what had happened or neither asks you to light a candle for the victims of this bomb blast. It has been said that Mumbai blast popularly known by our culture as Black Friday, was a turning point in the history of Bombay. It was a direct slap to the Indian security agency to let them realise how vulnerable India is to terrorist attack and how weak they are fighting among themselves for greater share of power.

Then came the revolution setting up off internal security agencies under high command, advance training to local police for tackling such situation, signing of propaganda with foreign arms and ammunition industries to provide Indian police with high tech warfare weapons, highly specialized training, creation of special task force, blah blah blah and many more. And do you want to know the result of this huge so called turning page in the history of Bombay…..

on 12th of  March, 1993, 13 bomb-blasts took place across the city.Approximately 300 people died and 800+ injured.

After this……….


Date                                                                                Place                                                                                  Killed                Injured

August 28, 1997                                                      Near Jama Masjid                                                                        0                           3

January 24, 1998                                                                Malad                                                                                    0                           1

February 27, 1998                                                               Virar                                                                                     9                           0

December 2, 2002                                                            Ghatokpar                                                                              3                          31

December 6, 2002                                        Mumbai Central railway station                                                       0                         25

January 27, 2003                                                             Vile Parle                                                                                1                          25

April 14, 2003                                                                     Bandra                                                                                     1                           0

July 29, 2003                                                                    Ghatkopar                                                                                3                          34

August 25, 2003                                      Gateway of India and Zaveri Bazaar                                                     50                      150

July 11, 2006                            7 blasts at 7 locations in local trains across the city                                    181                     890

and then everyone knows what had happened on 26/11 and the ongoing mockery of Indian Judicial System.

They ( Blah blah blah ) were just a mere newspaper’s front headline at then and now, So what to do ?


These are some off the possible solutions given by our own vary people who are frustrated from this daily chorus, in their own voice ( the way of expression), just don’t think how aggressive there views are, just feel what they feel for it…

” Nothing will happen to Feroze Khan (*). Ask Afsal Guru, who has been convicted and sentenced to be hanged, is still kept alive for Vote Bank sake! Jai Ho! “

” hey, what is this?Is every body is living in 16th century or just acting smarter? Can’t u see newspapers,TV.Why are you blaming politicians for everything. If BJP, Shivasena & Ayodhya are reasons for Islamic terrorism then why it happens from centuries?If Hindu fundamentalist are the reason then why it is happening in Chechnya of Russia, England,France,Spain,Thailand,America,china,Australia,Netherlands..etc..etc..
Common don’t act , you know whose fault is this.It is global problem & all the non-Muslim people of world should solve it

” I still feel we should follow the foot steps of Israel. What Israel had done to lebanon we should repeat the same history with Pakistan “

” People who did this shoud be shoot in streets so it shoud be lesson to people who think indian cant do anything and they should thing twist before they think of doing such thing again “

” Every one knows that it is Pakistan behind the blast. There is only one long term solution Blast Pakistan and tear them in 3 parts

” lets do things beyong typing msgs in websites which would disappear in a days time and nothing will change, let all of us in our respective cities gather in city’s main place on this sunday, with candlelights, lets run an sms campaign for the same, lets call this campaign FREEDOM from Terrorism, lets fight for Anti Terrorism LAW, lets show it to thr world that India too has a heart and guts, in spain 2 million people protested the madrid blasts, same in london and united states, they remeer these incident every year, and we forget them in a day, what happens when this happens to our loved ones, it just takes our own initiative to change the things no one elese is going to do it and lets Do IT NOW. ABHI NAHI TOH KABHI NAHI…………. “

” Pls take fast action on this. “Terrorist ko publicke havale kardo.” government should give rights to public to punish them “

” I pray to god to punish all terrorist “

” The principle system needed is accountablility of his or her job performance across all the governing functions. A great beginning is seen in the recently revealing RTI Act which I think existed. Now this tool needs to be effectively used by all of us and get all the black faces into limelight. Time and again we have seen in the past, common man is capable of bringing revolutionary changes in India. Let it be tailor made roads in villages or resolution of problems related to natural disasters or taking concrete steps to improve the overall conditions(Social/Political/Gegraphical)in villages “

” Here we can’t blame any one direcly, instead we should think other way around to make our LAW n ORDER under control.
What i wanna to suggest is:
if we proud to have such a wonderful INDIAN ARMY, why not CIVIL POLICE also
why not the govt. should first make compulsory military training to our civil police staff as we provide training in NDA, IMA, NAVAC etc for our MILITARY.
The objective is very clear, we as a civil citizen of India, just say that the police himself is corrupt and hence these unfortunate thing happened. So, my humble request to the govt. is instead giving execuse, try to implement some rule to aviod future mishappenings.

” I favor the decision taken by Vajpayee government of having the military on the border and securing the borders.We should be like King Ashoka. We should have military tight on border and stop bus and train routes. There should be only arial route for people to come in. Also keep the sea route tight.Due to the current soft policy we will loose our people. We should think and decide where should we remain soft and where not “

” I think another Guru Gobind Singh is needed now to clear this terror. I am still waiting that some sikh with will rise and thousands will follow him to clear this act of terror. Sikhism is meant to finish terror. Earlier it was in India but now the world is crying. World needs a Khalsa, a Guru Gobind “

” government finds out the people behind the crime, they are just going to arrest them, feed them, take care of them in prison in the name of human rights, our government is feeding the criminals and not spending that money to take care of the public, who are paying the taxes. The criminals should be killed and not kept in prisons and taken care of. How many such terrorists are still behind bars? how many of them are released or traded with our neighbouring countries? when will we see real independence? when will we be free of the constant fear of terrorists? when will politicians stop thinking of their pockets and work on people’s welfare?when will india grow??????????? “

” Its hard to say but practical solution will be to dissolve all the religion and language and follow only one sect that is design to contain the hardcore points of all the religion and then follow it and lets us see then how can any kill some one in the name of religion “

” Government should take some strict action on implementing common civil code, which can help in catching those extremities “

The voices has been compiled from the people all over India ranging from the peak of J&K to south end of KK i.e. Kanyakumari  and yup! From our vary own NRI’s.

I just want to preserve it, and when I will be strong enough to stand in front of my people and say “ Let’s do it, Abhi nahi to kabhie nahi (now or Never)”, will then go through all this voices. So people please it’s an Appeal from a common man to common people of my country and rest of the world to preserve their views, VOICE ME { leave your message } !!!!




You know what was the biggest change ever happened to Bombay after all this events,

Its name changed from BOMBAY to MUMBAI!!!



* Seventeen years after he fled from the country, Feroze Khan a key accused in the 1993 Mumbai Serial Bomb-blast case, has been arrested by city police  from a village in Navi Mumbai.

** I am highly thankfull to all the people who have shared there vioces :- Mahesh, Jayammal (San Diego, CA, USA), R.Vijaykumar, Amit Changrani, Raja, Niki, Anil, Vivek Nazare, Nawneet Kishore, Dipanshu Mansingka , Harmeet Bhullar , Arthi shivakumar & Raj Khandelwal.

***  Thanks to rediff.com

****  The above data regarding bomb-blast has been taken from http://www.satp.org , SATP :- South Asian Terminal Portal, it Creates the database and analytic context for research and analysis of all extremist movements in the region.



2 thoughts on “>>> BLACK FRIDAY <<< – an APPEAL & The VOICE !!!”

  1. it was never the fault of govt…its us…we make the govt..if we dont understand our duties then how can we expect the same from govt. CAST UR VOTE BUT DONT VOTE UR CAST…but anyway…thumbs up to ur work!! keep it up..!

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