The Americans – An observation – Just FIVE point someone !

Recently I got a chance to visit The United States and a lively exposure of their lifestyle. It’s an observation through mine eyes worth to be share. They (American’s) live there life at the edge of technological innovation and the power to use it. Though my trip consisted mainly of four cities namely Baltimore to Washington DC to Jersey City to New York City. I have observed enough to compare with the ongoing fast-track life of Indian Society with that of American and came out with some salient point, which we Indians, If re-think our life considering these points can create some change. Change is Universe. Considering New York City as my epic of observation because I spend most of time out there and It’s also consider or named as “The capital of the world”. I found variety of ethnic group there mostly Europeans and Chinese but My observation is only in considering “The Americans”.

Here we go………..

  1. Behaviour Instinct – I would preferably classified this into four different subcategories.
  • S-M-I-L-E :- They do it. It was weird or I would say amazing touch of life. If you see an american stranger walking by your side then he/she will definitely smile back to you and wishes “hello”. It happened to me most of the time. It make be feel good as if they are so familiar with us. The real action of ‘Atithi Deva Vao”.

  • First You – It’s the most common site of their nature to be observed. Two example I can state forward to justify my stand.

“While crossing the road out there, even if the light is red, the vehicle passing by will abruptly stop his car, just to let you first cross the road.It’s a sign of civilized behaviour and equality. They give a good amount of respect to pedestrian, which can be the reason for least amount of accident in road considering the huge amount of traffic flow”.

Empire State Building !
New York Street

“Labor cost in US is too high, So you won’t find (generally) any guard standing in front of the main entrance of hotel or apartment. It was amazing to observe that the first person who opens the gate, let it opened till the last person get in, even if you don’t know anyone of them . Such a friendly gesture. You can observe this kind of behaviour all over the public places that can be mall, hotel, metro, restaurant etc.I tried it, it made me feel good”

  • Patience –

It’s mostly for the Car riders/ Drivers. In US I observed that as the light in the signal goes orange the rider instantly stop at the signal and wait for the signal to get red and green. Whereas in my country, As the signal goes orange the rider instantly increases his accelerator so that he can get over before the signal goes RED. Consequence – Breaking NEWS. Guys have patience, if you don’t love your life its okay at least show some respect to your luxury sedan.

New York City - Crossing

  • Speak Loud ! – 

It actually refer to the pitch/volume of their voice when they speak ( normally ). They look very confident and reasonable by having loudness in there voice. They actually follow “LOL” – Laugh out loud – in their life. You will love to be with them. Hope speaking out loud won’t be misunderstood as shouting in our community.

While sharing this view with my friend, he was constantly arguing that they are so well-behaved (in compare with us) because they are highly educated. But I don’t agree with this, Just another reason to escape.

2.   RUNAre Americans most stressed out or Love to do it ?

It seems that most american do it. I was amazed to observe that they run whenever they want to, no fixed timing. I have seen them running in morning 6 o’Clock, in afternoon 12, at 2 PM, at 3 PM, evening, night 9, any suitable place. It actually keeps them healthy and the reason why they look so young. There passion for running can be concluded by listening to this CNN hero nominee Anne Mahlum (2009), Founder and President, ” Back on My Feet”.

If your watching this Video ( you should ), Please watch it till it ends.

3.   This is LAW“They Actually follow the Law”

As walking through an empty lane I observed a board put up on the street light stating ” DON’T LITTER or else you will be fine 100 $ AND This is LAW “. Everywhere in the street there are this kind of sign board which prompt people to follow rules, strictly. I once heard my friend’s brother stating that the most friendly people out in the street of New York are its police officials (NYPD), untill you break the law. So follow law, be safe, enjoy.They do have a large number of help line numbers for different issue which are put up everywhere in the public places and can be dialed instantly, if not then one number that means HELP in US is “911”.

Public Awareness - Port Authority of NY and NJ

4.  Nationalism– My Country Flag – 

I have seen it in many houses ( almost every houses in country side), flats, mall, hotels, stores. It gives a sensation of nationalism, how much they are attached to their country and love it. I rarely found it in my country or else I am a bad observer, if I couldn’t spot one. It makes me feel so good to look at the swiftly flowing American flag with a cute child playing by it side. I am gonna have one.

A View from Statue of Liberty ferry !

5.   Don’t Care ATTITUDE

They don’t care much about people looking or I would say staring at them. They just go where they destined to. Ladies And Gentleman – share the same platform and they equally respect each other for it. You can just see gender equality and safety. There is a place in New York city named as ” Fifth Avenue”, it is popularly known as Fashion street. Looking at the attire of the people out there I realise that the weird designed clothes seen on F-Tv is reality here. Live your life at fullest, do what your heart wants, don’t observe the thing that people observe. I often say to myself that If I do so it will look AWK, I need some change in Attitude, cause Attitude Matters.

Beside this there are few other thing that I observed.

* Less Population and even lesser youth population.

* Mark of Racism ( Still exist to some extent).

* Family Crisis, they have a reason for it.

* They Love wearing suit – mostly black.

But this Five point can be life changing. I know I haven’t put up all this point with much full shot cause I am not that kind of person as ” The Magic of Thinking Big”, But Just a common Indian observer.

Tell me if you can relate anything out of it from your life.

Walking by Washington DC streets

** Hats off to CNN Hero – Real Hero –

** Hola – I have taken the pics.


3 thoughts on “The Americans – An observation – Just FIVE point someone !”

  1. Nice Observations… but u know what…after sometime u just get used to their ways and start doing things they way they do…well mostly ! It comes naturally…

    It is more a matter of doing things right for them whereas we are more concerned with the so called ‘right things’…

    1. Thanks….
      Our people have a problem or I would say nature of adopting traits of the country they go for, like they don’t litter, don’t smoke at public place, don’t scramble the national monumnet with thier writings and ETC. Why they tend to forget it when they come back.
      “Revolution come from one change and that change can be you”

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