Broken Star – Trying to Express !

Background :- It’s about a girl, who has found out that she had lost everything, even the reason to live.

Your still standing on this verge of divided world,
lamenting upon your grief of being so incompetent,
Your still confused with the word’s of spoken yesterday,
lamenting upon your need to be much wanted, much trusted,

Your still standing with the broken star in your hand,
hoping that one day, it will shine, shine with all those beautiful one, up above you,
lamenting upon the faith of your undisclosed destiny,
Your still standing with the broken star, in your arms,

Your eyes are red like a beautiful rose,
Your hands are cold like a delicious desert,
Your heart is slow like the morning breeze,
Your mind is stagnant, like those mesmerizing droplets on the morning leaf,
Your life is enclosed within the fog of people’s choices,
by those selfish guardian,

Yet you look so beautiful, when you lament for that broken star,
It’s your heart which is full of precious gold, not your youthfulness which is as dull as hell’s path,
Your hope to see that star shining, is your path to spiritualism,
Your way back to those innocent days, when you jump on the barren land, in a hope to catch this shining star,
And, then you can meditate yourself to attain moksha, the eternal truth of being immortal,
And, perish one day, to become one of those beautiful, shinning star,


Now, Your still standing, lamenting, crying harder, for this broken star, that lies inside your heart.


 Don’t mind, if you didn’t like it, but let me know WHY ?


* Painting is a copyright work of S.J. , and I am highly thank-full to her for letting me use it.
* Thanks AK for inspiring me to write this.
* Thank You Shyam Sir for correcting my grammatical errors, I hope I have none !


8 thoughts on “Broken Star – Trying to Express !”

  1. A very good try and your thought process is innovative. But you need to brush up your language and grammar a bit. There are a number of instances where I could point out corrections in your poem. For instance,

    your —-becomes—> you’re
    word’s of spoken —becomes—> words spoken
    beautiful one —-becomes—> beautiful ones

    and so on…….small changes but they reflect a significant deal about your writing. But as they say, practice makes perfect ! 🙂

    You should blog more often. ^_^

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