The Great Carvings in India’s World Heritage Monuments by Us !

Recently I visited Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur, Karnataka, It has been added in the World’s heritage by UNESCO. Remarkable, so it’s History.

Gol Gumbaz Bijapur

Gol  Gumbaz, the mausoleum of Muhammad Adil Shah (AD 1626 –56) located in Bijapur, District Bijapur, Karnataka State is an important monument of Indo-Islamic architecture aptly known for its amazing dimensions and unique acoustic features. The construction of this building was completed and the deceased king was interred in this building in 1034 AH (AD 1656) and contains the sepulcher containing the tombs of Muhammad Adil Shah, the 7th Sultan of the Adil Shahi dynasty, his wives and daughters.

The most amazing part of this monument is its huge dome. Constructed in the year 1656, the dome is 44 meters in diameter, which made it the second largest dome in the world when it was constructed. The largest being the Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence which is 45.5 meters in diameter.

Whispering Gallery – At a height of 33.22 m from the floor of the hall, projects a 3.25 m wide gallery, all round the inner periphery of the dome. This gallery is called the ‘Whispering Gallery’, because even the finest whisper or sound made in it is heard from side to side and even a single loud clap is distinctly echoed over ten times.

Looking at this Marvelous human endeavor, it reminds me of Char Minar, Hyderabad. A unique similarity between the artistic work of both the monuments gave me a feeling of how united we are. The beautiful carvings in the wall of our precious monuments – I was just unable to control by lurch of photography. Taken some beautiful images, Posted Below.

What’s your feeling?

It’s so touchy, I felt so emotional. The amount of patience and love is required to climb a 5 foot wall to engrave your love without being caught by the prying eyes of loveless guards, sleeping somewhere near the monument is…. Is…. Incredible.

See man (woman), the carvings is just so remarkable. It has been engraved recently into the wall of this colossal which dates back to 15-16th Century. (Who give a damn?). There are so many names engraved in 1 inch of the wall that it is very difficult to decode who loves whom. The ASI has proposed to form a team of experts to decode it but the proposal is still in-waiting as all the experts are busy digging for gold somewhere in no-where (its secret).

Incredible India’s New Adv.

“Come, visit, once again, again & again for the writing of our near previous generation that has been carved in more than 15 languages of our country, Shows how united we are. The lost story of real love, which no-where found in this current tech savvy wall of Fb & twitter. Come, Relish, Even search your and your ancestor name in it and fall in their eternal love.

Come visit Incredible India by Our Un-credible People”  

Last tribute to all the love-lust or Lost Love, whose love is alive Or dead.

1 Minute silent for them and RETHINK, RETHINK

Why the hell did Shahajahan Made a Taj Mahal to symbolize Love?

Or, is it just the Engravings-Carvings-Writings.

What matters – Human Psychology – Carved, Preserved!

 Note to our coming generation:

“People, who don’t learn from their history, Are bound to fail” We did the mistake of demeaning and damaging our heritage, Plz you save it

Or-Else the history will have to repeat itself to preserve it, which will be quite painful & disillusioned.

Thanks : ASI and our unique people !


the SCRIPT ;- “Why? fall down of US economy??”

Background Abstract :-

An Indian layman want to US to know what was the real reason behind the sudden fall of US economy, cause he couldn’t understand the whole ” bankrupt of financial institution due to excessive debt”.After staying there for almost 1 week he couldn’t make out. Being frustrated, he thought of visiting his american friend John and spend some time with him.

Character :-

1. Rahul ( the Indian )

2.  John (American)

location :- John’s apartment

Time :– Morning 6 ‘o’ clock

THE  Story begins……………..

Alarm rang. John waked up and close the alarm.

Rahul :- (sobbing his eyes ) Good morning, (silence), hay whats in your hand?

John :- My alarm clock.

Rahul :- looks cool!

John:- Should be, I bought it from japan, good na! (silence), lets have some coffee.

John gets into the kitchen and came out with a coffee pot.

Rahul :- WOW! thats looks a classic piece of architect.

John :- Yeah! its Chinese made, help keeps the heat intact.

Rahul :- hmm………

John :- Take your bath and yeah dont forget to shave your face with my all new Hong-Kong made simulation razor.

Rahul :- (thinking) Hong Kong made yup!

Then they readied themselves for breakfast.

Rahul coming out of the guest room, looking at john.

Rahul :- What a shirt man? you look smart.

John :- Really, it cost me alomost 1500 bucks. I bought it from Sri Lanka and what about my designer jeans and tennis shoes.

Rahul :- (looking) Thats a fine art.

John :- It should be, I bought my jeans from singapore and shoes from Korea.

Rahul :- Woo!

John :– let me prepare breakfast for you.

Rahul :– Can I help you?

John:- Na, I have the Indian electric skillet with me, the one that you gifted me, it will do the job.

After taking the breakfast, john sat down with his calculator.

Rahul :- what your doing?

John :- Just checking out on this Mexican calculator, how much can I spend today.

Rahul :- Hmmm…. quite impressive.

John :- Do you like my watch?

Rahul :-Yeah! but it looks non-american.

John :- Of course dude, my Taiwan’s friend gifted me.

After completing their stuff, they came out of the house and john bought his car.

Rahul :- Hey man, its Romonovaskii -8T, its German dude.

John :- Your absolutely right and I have a radio in built in it directly from India.

John drove the car to the nearest gas station.

John:- I like this gas man, Its directly imported from Saudi Arabia, totally pure dude.

And then John started his search for a good paying American job. At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day.

At Home,

Rahul :- Hello, you’re back.

John :- (sitting on the sofa) Another useless day, no good paying job, let me check out my mails, if I could find something. where is my Malaysian lappy..( taking out from his bag), i got it.


John :- Nothing (relax) Lets have some genuine French wine. Before that, let me change my clothes.

Rahul sitting on the sofa, alone, thinking.

John :- ( Shouting, from his room) Rahul!

Rahul :- Yes.

John :- Have you seen my Brazilian sandal.

Rahul :- What Brazilian, it must be below your bed.

John :- (shouting) Yeah, I found it.

John came out with two glass of wine.

John :- (sitting on the sofa) Lets watch T.V.

Rahul :- Yeah, but dont say that it is also imported.

John :- Yeah, from Indonesia.

Rahul :- (shocking look) Do you have anything named “America”.

John :- Yeah…..ummm…mm….mmmmm…there must be.

Rahul :- ( with excitement) now, i came to know why US economy collapsed.

John :- Why?……….Hai thats not what your thinking.

Rahul :- Then what?

John :- I am quite hopeful from my new presiodent who can certainly get us out of this crisis and revive the economy.

Rahul :- Really, your expecting help from a president who is made in “Kenya”.

John shocked and speechless